Rachel Hickerson

Vice President

I guess you could say that my love for animals began long before I was even born. My mom spent some time on a dairy farm where she grew up in rural Minnesota, and my dad’s family were some of the original homesteaders and ranchers in Kern County. Growing up on a hobby farm in Bakersfield, we were taught animal care early on. 


I started showing dogs at the age of 3; By the age of 8 I was showing my pony, and with 4-H and FFA until the age of 18, we added pigs and rabbits to the show stable. 

It only seemed right that when I was thinking of what I wanted to “be when I grow up” I would follow my heart and go in the direction of animals or the teaching about them. 


After earning my AS in Agriculture Education at Bakersfield College, I headed to Chico State where I earned my BS in Animal Science and a minor in Agriculture Business.  My next goal was vet school where I wanted to focus on animal reproduction. Immediately following college, I was fortunate to find a job in Redding, and pretty soon found my calling more in PR, Event Management and Communications, leaving Vet School as a distant memory of the past.  These have been the primary focus of my “day job” ever since!  

As I started establishing my home in Sacramento, I was fortunate to get involved with a local rescue and the rest is where we are today.  My mom and I have proudly cared for numerous neonatal kittens; have “rehabbed” ferals into house cats and anything in between. 


I became involved with FUR when it was still at the Basecamp location, as a few members of a disbanded rescue team had started working on operations there.  In the beginning I would make at least a few trips a month up to help more with onsite operations, trap checking and just keeping up with the very active operations team.  More recently, I’ve concentrated on more admin functions with less frequent trips up the hill. I’ve loved every minute of FUR and helping those still displaced by this horrible fire, especially given that Butte County holds a very dear place in my heart!


I currently reside in Sacramento with my dogs Zoey and Delilah, Cat Bo Duke and Bunny Mr. Bun Bun.  And well various foster cats ready for their homes too!