Suzanne Maxwell


As a child the 'when I grow up' answer was, anything to do with art and animals.


My experience with animals started as a child and the neighborhood stray momma cats. I was the only kid on the block who could pick up the kittens. When I was twelve, I started riding horses and by the time I was in high school I was showing in equitations and hunter jumper events. 

In 1985 I started my schooling to be a vet. tech and went to work for White Ivey Pet Hospital. In 1986 I moved to Long Beach and worked at National Cat Protection Society. This was an all cat facility housing close to 200 cats; friendlies and feral. On the side I would make jewelry and did textile art.

Children happened starting in 1990 as did the homesteading of 80 acres in Northern Mendocino. This is when I started my experience with livestock; chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs and goats. Many of those being rescues. I also took in stray cats and dogs, or rather they asked me to take them home. Either way, I got them off the streets and to a safe place to be fed and free.

In 2009 I moved to the Southern part of the county to a smaller piece of land. I continued to keep chickens, dogs and cats and added some exotics; an African Grey Perrot, two leopard geckos, a box tortoise, a bearded dragon. I also went back to school, this time to pursue my art degree.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I gave up my home in 2015; did some traveling and when it came time to return and find a home, The Redwood Valley Complex fire would make my efforts impossible. I left the county and found myself in Chico in 2017.


Exactly one year and one month later, the Camp fire broke out. It started on Thursday and by Monday I was boots on the ground getting all kinds of animals out of harms way.  


Once the area was opened back up I was free to focus on finding the cats that were still lost. That was the beginning of what would become FUR.