Paradise, CA

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Friends United in Rescue (FUR)

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Welcome to Cat Camp!

Cat Camp started as a one barn building on property in Paradise. With 9 months under our belts, more space has been desperately needed.  We now have a smaller building to help our feral tenants, while continuing to offer the support we have dedicated ourselves to in Paradise.  While we are also starting to help more community needs with rescues outside of Butte County, Paradise still remains our number one focus.

FUR Rescue and Reunification 

Our Story

Friends of Camp Fire Cats was formed in 2018, as the Camp Fire was still raging in the Butte County areas of Paradise and Magalia. Many of the shelter resources within Butte County were full within days of the fire's beginning, which left this group wondering, “how can we help?” With the help of a local resident, "base camp" was formed in Paradise and the group started the adventure of trapping cats, at the owner’s requests. As many owners are not in the Paradise/Magalia area, the need to house the cats became apparent and our group has grown from there.  We all adhere to the key mission, which is to help as many cats and residents with their cats from the Camp Fire. Friends United in Rescue (FUR) will be our long term name, and with our move to a new location...... Cat Camp has been formed!

Request Trapping Services

High scale trapping has begun to slow down, however, target trapping is still available.  If you want us to pursue potential trapping on your property please fill in the form below.


Dedicated volunteers are essential to the successful operation of FUR and Cat Camp. Volunteers are needed to help facilitate rescue operations, which include cleaning, food preparation, administrative support for field workers, and helping ensure that cats are in good health.  


Without funding and support, FUR cannot continue key rescue efforts, this include trapping and feeding local cats, as well as providing community members with the supplies and assistance to reunite them with their beloved pets.