2018 Camp Fire Survivors




The Ambassocat

Our Story

In the fall of 2018, a blazing inferno overtook several communities of the California Sierra Foothills. The inferno was known as the Camp Fire, California's most deadliest and most destructive wildfire in history.

The blaze was moving at a rapid rate of one football field every second. That rate caused many humans to perish and thousands of pets were left behind due to last minute evacuations. Once the blaze was extinguished, animal rescuers were finally allowed to get their boots on the ground.

Within the rubble of these decimated towns, in storm drains, crumbling chimneys and underneath burnt out vehicles, the presence of thousands of cats, once dependent on humans were surviving, waiting to be found. While animal rescue volunteers combed through the remains of burnt out properties, set up feeding stations and placed live traps around the clock, a handful of these dedicated volunteers came together to build a makeshift rescue as area shelters began to exceed capacity and ultimately close following the beginning of the new year.


In March of 2019, Friends United in Rescue, Inc was formed as an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the state of California. With the goal to rescue and reunite the many lost cats with their rightful owners, Friends United in Rescue, Inc. continues to provide rescue services for the property owners of Paradise and Magalia that are holding out hope to one day be reunited with their beloved feline.


Although Friends United in Rescue, Inc. was formed as a direct need for the lost cats of the 2018 Camp Fire, we also deliver many services to surrounding communities by providing assistance with TNR, low to no cost spay/neuter, micro-chipping, low cost veterinary care for animals in need, foster care, rehoming, transportation and feral relocation. Friends United in Rescue, Inc. continues to operate in Northern California as a trusted, all women, volunteer organization that believes no animal should be left behind.