The Ambassocat

Our Story

The Camp fire started on November 8, 2018 and would become the most destructive and deadliest fire that California had ever experienced.

People from all over the US came together locally and remotely to assist with rescuing the animals in need; some worked together in the past with other disasters and some strangers and new to disaster rescue.

After the fire died down, several rescuers and community residents continued with rescue efforts as there was still a great need and many people looking for their pets, mostly cats.

With the help of a local resident, "base camp" was formed in Paradise and the group started the adventure of trapping cats at the owner’s request. As many owners where not in the Paradise/Magalia area, the need to house the cats became apparent.


When debris removal at "base camp" was scheduled, the group started the search for a new location. Again, a resident of Paradise and fellow cat lover approached the group and offered a lovely patch of land on their 20 acre property. Planting their roots at the new location, the group took the next step and established themselves as a non-profit organization and formed FUR~ Friends United in Rescue.

Those of us at FUR all adhere to the key mission, which is to help as many cats and residents with their cats from the Camp Fire.